About us

About us

Rhapsody healthcare system manages all healthcare needs. We provide behavioural, psychiatry care management, medical and non-medical care management.

RHS was born out of over 17 years of experience as a care provider. Our experiences in both acute care settings and community health settings give us a solid edge over others.  We are able to seamlessly provide top care anywhere. We follow you everywhere, quality care that travel with you.

Why Rhapsody? Rhapsody means passion. we are very passionate about your health and wellness, we bring that passion and commitment into providing individualized, patient-centered care to all our clients.

Rhapsody Healthcare System prides itself on providing individualized, holistic care to all our clients. We believe in promoting complete wellness by providing quality medical and psychosocial care for the community we serve. We strive to fill care gaps in home and community care setting by assisting our clients with navigating their care, promoting a stable quality of life, and providing advocates whenever needed. 

Our three 'E': Effusively, Enthusiastic and Ecstatic about Healthcare.

Always Caring. Always Here.

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